Building a successful brand spans way further than a logo and company colours. A strong brand can increase the value of a business and drive more sales. It’s the entity that sets you apart from the competition and is a key element of any business.

Whether you’ve just started out in businesses or are considering a rebrand, it’s key that you give it the time and attention it deserves. Here’s why…

1. It builds loyalty

Brands are what consumers associate with when they make buying decisions. To buy products, they must first buy into the brand and what they stand for.

For example, the McDonald’s brand was built on efficiency, cleanliness and good food. By implementing a core set of brand values across every single restaurant, the fast food giant built a reputation for doing exactly what the brand stands for and promises.

Without these values and core principles, McDonald’s could very easily be ‘just another local fast food place’ and not the global empire it is today.

2. It enhances credibility

Have you ever gone to make an online payment and hesitated because of the brand’s credibility? You land on a payment page for a company with very little brand visibility and you suddenly question the security of the purchase.

Businesses with weak branding can instantly appear less credible and cause consumers to shop elsewhere. At the other end of the spectrum, we have PayPal. A business that has build a brand based on security and become one of the world’s most trusted payment methods.

Therefore, by ensuring your branding is strong, you’ll remove any consumer doubts and make them much more confident in their buying decisions.

3. It gives you a competitive edge

Every business wants this and it’s not always easy. That edge that sets you apart from your competitors and puts you at the forefront of the market. More often than not, this is down to branding.

It’s all about becoming that brand that people think about when they want a certain product. For example – Coffee: Starbucks, Soft drink: Coca Cola, Pencil: Staedtler… you get the gist. If you want to make your product the ‘go to’ choice in the market then it all starts with the brand.

4. It is an asset

When businesses are valued, a key element that’s considered is the company brand. Although it’s not a physical asset, it is still plays a key role in the success and longevity of any business.

This is usually based on customer perceptions and the amount they are willing to pay for a certain product or service. For example, consumers would generally be willing to pay more for an item with a well known brand name. This represents positive brand equity and is something that can really boost the value of a business.

5. It conveys what you stand for

Branding provides the means for you to convey what you stand for as a business. If you’re a particularly  environmentally conscious business or you donate a certain amount to charity each year – your brand enables you to communicate this.

Shoe brand TOMS is a great example of this. The company was founded in a bit to help children in Argentina whose families were unable to afford shoes. The for-profit company decided to donate one pair of shoes to a child for every pair sold. 11 years on and TOMS has provided over 60 million children with new shoes. This brand therefore sends out a key message which makes the product more appealing to consumers.

Creating a logo for your business can be a tricky task. It’s the element of your branding that you really want to nail as, ultimately, it will represent your business. To help you on your way, we’ve put together the following 4 tips for making a stand out logo.

1. Keep it simple

You want your logo to be remembered, right? So having an all singing, all dancing complex logo is likely to fall right under the radar. If you want your logo to stand out, it has to be simple. Think about some of the biggest brands out there – McDonalds, Apple, Disney, Pepsi, Mercedes. What do they all have in common? A simple, clean and memorable logo. It’s actually quite hard to think of large brands that have more than two or three colours and a complex design.

So, when it comes to designing yours and you’ve compiled a list of ideas, really bear this in mind. Colours, shapes and designs should all be simple and easy to recognise from a mile away.

2. Think about its transferability

It’s likely that you will want to apply your logo to a range of mediums such as print, screen, clothes and even cars. It’s therefore vital that you consider this when finalising it with your designer. Be sure to check that your brand colours will transfer correctly and that there’s no chance your blue could ‘look a little green.’

Once you have the colours nailed think about the complexity of the design. If you have small intricate patterns or shadows, they are difficult to transfer across to embroidery. Therefore, if you are planning to have your logo on staff uniforms, double check how it will look before finalising it with your designer.

3. Think about your brand values

When designing your logo, always bear in mind your brand values. This may not be an obvious one, but it is always obvious when businesses don’t consider this. Think about what you want your logo to say to your audience and how it will portray the service you offer.

Spotify is a great example of this. By adapting their logo over time, they have shifted focus to the circle containing ‘radio waves.’ The colour scheme and design is simple reflecting the service they offer and the ‘radio waves’ represent the comprehensive catalogue of music they provide.

4. Do some market research

This is something a lot of businesses fail to do when it comes to perfecting their logo. Researching what your target audience think of your logo can provide some great insight and often flag things that you hadn’t thought about. They are the people that you really want to strike a chord with so it’s important to get their honest opinion before finalising things.

When you have a design you’re happy with, either show it to your existing customers or talk to people that you know are part of your target market. For example, if you own a sports shop, head down to the local gym or if you sell hair and beauty products why not see if a local salon will let you have a quick chat with their clients.

To sum up

Creating a stand out logo is no mean feat as it’s the single image that represents your business. You therefore want it to be right. Always keep your audience in mind and how you want your logo to represent the service you offer. By focusing on these factors, you’ll create a logo that makes your business stand out.

You’ll remember the days back at school when PE was something you either looked forward to or dreaded. If your school didn’t have a set PE kit then there was another thing you had to think about – ‘will these shorts be ok?’ ‘Should I have the latest Nike joggers?’ It’s therefore not surprising how a PE kit can positively impact a student’s desire to take part.

By building a sense of unity and belonging, a PE kit can boost motivation across the board.
There’s a reason all serious sports teams wear them and it rings true for schools too. It can positively impact the way pupils view physical activity and help encourage them to take part. To give you an idea, here’s a roundup of ways school PE kits can boost motivation.

It builds a sense of pride

There’s nothing stronger than a joint sense of pride and having a common aim can really impact performance. A sense of belonging and wanting to achieve for that cause is key. PE kits therefore foster this sense of unity and provide students with a way to represent the school.

It encourages participation

With a PE kit, there’s no ‘deciding what to wear’ for games – it’s simple. This therefore garners a sense of equality as all pupils have the same kit. There’s also no reason to not participate.

Makes everyone feel sporty

When it comes to PE, there will always be some pupils that excel and others that don’t. Sport isn’t everyone’s bag but a PE kit makes it easier. For those that don’t necessarily enjoy physical activity, having a PE kit will make them feel sportier.

It increases confidence

Holding inter-school matches is a great way to drum up some healthy competition. Rather than just practicing the sport, it gives pupils something to really aim for. This can also be daunting for some but a PE kit can work wonders for confidence. It provides students with a sense of belonging and a strong common aim.

It can boost performance

The right kit can undoubtedly impact performance, just like the wrong kit can hinder it. Choosing breathable fabrics and practical designs help ensure students feel comfortable. This will keep their mind is on the game rather than an ill fitting shirt!

There’s plenty to consider when choosing a PE kit but the right one can impact motivation for the better. Students will feel a sense of unity and have the kit they need to perform.

As well as normal school uniform embroidery, we’re able to create bespoke PE kits to make your school stand out, call us on 0115 986 1988 to discuss our options.

Whether you’re a customer facing business or not, promotional clothing can really make an impact. Think about the last time you noticed a logo or some branding that really stood out. It was probably in the last few hours – sportswear at the gym, a coffee cup, a lorry – you get the gist. You may not realise it but subconsciously you notice them.

Promotional clothing therefore presents a great opportunity for businesses. If your staff are customer facing, it will automatically boost the amount your customers see and interact with your brand. It’s also a great way of airing your brand message and showing how you want your company to be perceived. So, without further ado, here’s four ways promotional clothing can benefit your business.


1. It increases brand visibility

Advertising is the name of the game when it comes to growing a business so getting your brand out there is crucial. Think about how often you take in the brand or design of what someone is wearing. Whether it’s a sports brand or a business logo, you see it – consciously or subconsciously.

Depending on the nature of your business, your staff could speak to anywhere from five to 1,000 plus people each day. If you don’t have branded clothing that’s one big missed opportunity. Taking advantage of this exposure will help raise the profile of your brand.

2. It gives a sense of credibility

Presentation is everything, you know the phrase, ‘first impressions count.’ Promotional clothing can therefore really help to set your business apart from the competition. Kitting out your team with clothing that bears your logo looks professional. It shows customers that you are conscious about presentation and therefore enhances your overall credibility as a business.

Promotional clothing will also help your team look professional, knowledgeable and ready for business. It’s not only perfect for day to day wear but also for any exhibitions or trade shows you attend as a team.

3. It helps staff unity

Ever seen players on a sports team wear a different kits? Didn’t think so. There’s a deeper meaning behind employees wearing the same colour/design and that’s unity. A sense of togetherness and common goal.

Unity boosts morale and enhances communication amongst a team. It’s about creating a culture appropriate to the brand which resonates through every member of the team.

4. It helps to convey your company message

Whether you operate in the hospitality sector or own a plumbing business, promotional clothing can say a lot about your brand. It’s often the first impression a customer gets and can leave a lasting impact. If your employees are always well presented and smart, it gives an excellent sense of professionalism.

This is also true for more hands on jobs such as decorators and electricians. If their clothing shows they are dressed appropriately with all the relevant safety gear, the client is more likely to trust them.

Conveying a your company values well through branded clothing can be an important factor in repeat business. However, this must be done well. It’s no good if your employees neglect your uniform standards and fail to look professional. Get this right and you could really boost your business.

If you’d like some more advice on branded uniforms or to purchase your own, we’d love to help. Call us on 0115 986 1988 or visit our contact page.

Although every sport is different, the factors that make a great team are the same. Any great sports team, be it Real Madrid or an under 10’s Sunday league will have certain characteristics that keep them on the ball (no pun intended). Here’s a roundup of what we believe makes a successful sports team.

What Makes a successful Sports Team

1. A strong leader

First and foremost, behind every successful team is a strong leader. This is the person responsible for providing direction and boosting morale when it’s low. The coach sets the overall pace of all games and provides the crucial pre match talk. This is key for providing players with important tactics and any things to look out for with the opponent. The leader should always be clear on the team vision and provide positive goals that are realistic.

Coaches should also be able to take control in sticky situations. Sport is never going to be an easy ride and there will be tough times along the way but a strong leader will show persistence and keep the team driven. Think Brian Clough and Nottingham Forest…

2. Communication

A successful team has to communicate. It’s no good just listening to the leader and never sharing any concerns or asking questions. Team members must feel that they are comfortable and able to communicate with everyone. It’s the responsibility of the team member to give any updates, key points of concern or new ideas – this shouldn’t just fall with the leader.

This should also continue outside of the dressing room. If you watch a professional sports team, they communicate through the whole game whether that’s through hand signals or speech – make sure your team does this proactively when playing.

What Makes a successful Sports Team

3. Trust

To be successful, there has to be a strong sense of trust across the whole team. Players should be able to rest assured that everyone is pulling their weight for the good of the team. There can’t be any weak links or signs of mistrust as this will impact camaraderie and overall effectiveness. When there’s trust, teams are cohesive and more wins will be sure to follow.

4. Have well defined roles

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses and it’s important that teams understand where they lie and define roles accordingly. For example, you’d never see Lionel Messi in goal just like you’d be shocked to find David De Gea playing up front. Know your team and understand where each member thrives. These roles must then be communicated so all players are crystal clear on their position and how that works with the wider team.

5. Having a kit

A ‘proper kit’ can make all the difference when it comes to team success. Wearing team colours can really change a team’s psyche adding confidence and a real sense of solidarity. There’s plenty of research showing how kits can also impact the opposition with red perceived as showing dominance and overall control. Here’s a nifty little article to help you choose the right kit for your team.

We’re proud to supply sports kit for a number of teams across the UK, including various University Sports Teams. As well as providing the kit, we offer bespoke sports embroidery, to really give you the professional edge.

What Makes a successful Sports Team

5. Make it Fun!

Last but definitely not least – a successful team should have fun. People don’t respond well to things they find mundane so there must be a definite sense of enjoyment involved. Yes sport can be gruelling and at times physically draining so there has to be balance. Holding regular socials will provide some key bonding time and bolster overall morale. Afterall, teams who play together, stay together!

In the world of sports there are constantly new sportspeople making names for themselves in their respective fields. For sports fans, seeing these upcoming stars beginning their (hopefully) long careers can be quite thrilling.

There are many rising stars from the UK to watch in 2017/18.

Laura Muir

(Image by BBC)

Laura Muir, 24, has made quite an impression in the athletics world in recent times. From Scotland, Muir competes in various running events ranging from 1000m to 5000m with particular success in the 1500m. Muir has set five British records and two European records since the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio. Balancing athletics and veterinarian studies can be challenging, but Muir seems more than up to it.

Joe Clarke

(Image courtesy of BBC/Getty Images)

In the Cricket world, Joe Clarke, 21, has been deemed by many to be the top young player and the next big thing. Currently playing for the Worcestershire County Cricket Club, Clarke takes on roles as batsman and wicket-keeper. He is often compared to Joe Root as they were both selected as batsmen during their teens. Will he live up to the hype? Time will tell.

Owain Doull

Cyclist Owain Doull, 24, made history when he became the first Welsh-speaking athlete to win gold. The Cardiff-born athlete did this in the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio in the Team Pursuit event. Known for his endurance, Doull has also won medals at the Commonwealth Youth Games, the UEC European Track Championships, the UCI Track Cycling World Cup and the Commonwealth Games. Without signs of stopping, Doull continues to compete and impress.

Jodie Burrage

Jodie Burrage, 18, may not be a household name, but she is certainly working hard to make her impression in tennis. She shows much strength and determination as she has come back from ankle surgeries and still does very well in school. Burrage competes in both singles and doubles matches. She shows promise for British tennis as she moves up from the junior level.

Jadon Sancho

At only 17 years of age, Jadon Sancho of London has already made an impression in the football world. In the UEFA European Under-17 Championship in May 2017 Sancho was awarded Golden Player for his performance and reached the finals. He is currently playing forward for the German football club Borussia Dortmund. Despite some controversy regarding his departure from Manchester City, Sancho is certainly a footballer to watch as his skill is undeniable.

Jordan Smith

British golfer Jordan Smith, 24, turned pro in 2014 and quickly reached the top of both the EuroPro Tour’s and Challenge Tour’s Order of Merit, earning a spot on the 2017 European Tour. This Wiltshire-born athlete most recently won the Porsche European Open in July 2017 and shows much promise.

Joe Marchant

Joe Marchant, 21, of Winchester made quite an impression on the international rugby world when he played for England at the U20 and U18 level. Marchant has also been part of various senior England training camps. He currently plays centre for the Harlequins in the rugby union and is regarded as being part of the next generation of UK rugby stars.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about some of the upcoming talent the UK has to offer, we know that we’re immensely proud of them all. If you’re a sportsperson, or part of a team, we offer teamwear embroidery, take a look and let us know about your needs.

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It’s no secret that the success of your business depends largely on how you promote it.

A company’s performance will never be outstanding if Marketing plays an important role in the success of a business. Employing the right marketing strategy for your business equals success.

Over the years, businesses have tried their best to market their products using different channels. This led to a huge the shift from traditional advertising to modern techniques that are powered by technology and can reach more people.

Even with the new marketing strategies, the old school ways of promoting a business are still very effective for service, manufacturing and merchandising businesses among others.

The old school ways are effective, but to succeed you have to be very creative. Some of the traditional methods that you can use to promote your business include:


Referrals are one of the biggest drivers of new business for any company.

You can ask your friends and relatives to refer clients to you. Your customers may also know other people who are interested in your business but may be reluctant to refer them.

So, talk to them often, ask for referrals and encourage them to share their experience with others.According to researchers at Wharton and Goethe University, referred customers are the most loyal and the lifetime value of a referral client is 16% higher. New York Times shows that referrals account for 65% of new business. By encouraging referrals from your customer and friends, you will be able to earn a good number of loyal clients.

Embroidered workwear

A professional look creates a good impression for your business. Having your brand and logo embroidered on your workwear is another effective old school marketing strategy for your business.

A great advantage of embroidered workwear is that it provides more durability compared to printing. Embroidered workwear gives your workforce a strong identity. You can invest in embroidered polo shirts, bags and caps. Both logos and texts can be sewn on the garment.

Embroidered garments are most appropriate for businesses where the staff members have to dress in uniforms. Companies in the construction, home improvement and any kind of field-based services industries can do really well from having embroidered workwear.

Screen printing

Embroidered T Shirts for MalesScreen printed t-shirts are another great way to promote your business. Screen printing allows large and bold designs to be printed to show off your branding. Screen printed garments can draw attention even from a distance. It can be done for T-shirts, Hoodies, polo shirts and Hi-vis jackets amongst others. Screen printed garments are highly effective marketing tools that can be worn to business events, sporting events or just on a regular day. Your business gets great exposure when people read what is printed on the t-shirt. Since the garment is durable, it will carry and promote your brand for quite some time. Screen printing for advertisement using colors and fonts that are simple and easy to read from a distance.

Screen printed garments are highly effective marketing tools that can be worn to business events, sporting events or just on a regular day. Your business gets great exposure when people read what is printed on the t-shirt.

When incorporating screen printing into your marketing efforts, make sure you use large lettering and clear, recognisable combinations of colours.


It’s easy to forget amongst all the chatter about online marketing that some of the old school methods can be ultra effective, especially for local companies.

At Premier Embroidery, we offer an unparalleled embroidery service for customers across the UK. We’ve worked with huge brands such as KFC, Royal Mail and even the Ministry of Defence, but we still have time to work with smaller companies.

We offer a huge range of embroidered and printed products, including embroidered t-shirts, embroidered polo shirts, embroidered hoodies and even embroidered teamwear.

Give us a call on 0115 986 1988 to discuss your embroidery needs and we’ll be happy to help.

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