4 Tips for Making a Stand out Logo

Creating a logo for your business can be a tricky task. It’s the element of your branding that you really want to nail as, ultimately, it will represent your business. To help you on your way, we’ve put together the following 4 tips for making a stand out logo.

1. Keep it simple

You want your logo to be remembered, right? So having an all singing, all dancing complex logo is likely to fall right under the radar. If you want your logo to stand out, it has to be simple. Think about some of the biggest brands out there – McDonalds, Apple, Disney, Pepsi, Mercedes. What do they all have in common? A simple, clean and memorable logo. It’s actually quite hard to think of large brands that have more than two or three colours and a complex design.

So, when it comes to designing yours and you’ve compiled a list of ideas, really bear this in mind. Colours, shapes and designs should all be simple and easy to recognise from a mile away.

2. Think about its transferability

It’s likely that you will want to apply your logo to a range of mediums such as print, screen, clothes and even cars. It’s therefore vital that you consider this when finalising it with your designer. Be sure to check that your brand colours will transfer correctly and that there’s no chance your blue could ‘look a little green.’

Once you have the colours nailed think about the complexity of the design. If you have small intricate patterns or shadows, they are difficult to transfer across to embroidery. Therefore, if you are planning to have your logo on staff uniforms, double check how it will look before finalising it with your designer.

3. Think about your brand values

When designing your logo, always bear in mind your brand values. This may not be an obvious one, but it is always obvious when businesses don’t consider this. Think about what you want your logo to say to your audience and how it will portray the service you offer.

Spotify is a great example of this. By adapting their logo over time, they have shifted focus to the circle containing ‘radio waves.’ The colour scheme and design is simple reflecting the service they offer and the ‘radio waves’ represent the comprehensive catalogue of music they provide.

4. Do some market research

This is something a lot of businesses fail to do when it comes to perfecting their logo. Researching what your target audience think of your logo can provide some great insight and often flag things that you hadn’t thought about. They are the people that you really want to strike a chord with so it’s important to get their honest opinion before finalising things.

When you have a design you’re happy with, either show it to your existing customers or talk to people that you know are part of your target market. For example, if you own a sports shop, head down to the local gym or if you sell hair and beauty products why not see if a local salon will let you have a quick chat with their clients.

To sum up

Creating a stand out logo is no mean feat as it’s the single image that represents your business. You therefore want it to be right. Always keep your audience in mind and how you want your logo to represent the service you offer. By focusing on these factors, you’ll create a logo that makes your business stand out.