How School Kits can Boost Motivation

You’ll remember the days back at school when PE was something you either looked forward to or dreaded. If your school didn’t have a set PE kit then there was another thing you had to think about – ‘will these shorts be ok?’ ‘Should I have the latest Nike joggers?’ It’s therefore not surprising how a PE kit can positively impact a student’s desire to take part.

By building a sense of unity and belonging, a PE kit can boost motivation across the board.
There’s a reason all serious sports teams wear them and it rings true for schools too. It can positively impact the way pupils view physical activity and help encourage them to take part. To give you an idea, here’s a roundup of ways school PE kits can boost motivation.

It builds a sense of pride

There’s nothing stronger than a joint sense of pride and having a common aim can really impact performance. A sense of belonging and wanting to achieve for that cause is key. PE kits therefore foster this sense of unity and provide students with a way to represent the school.

It encourages participation

With a PE kit, there’s no ‘deciding what to wear’ for games – it’s simple. This therefore garners a sense of equality as all pupils have the same kit. There’s also no reason to not participate.

Makes everyone feel sporty

When it comes to PE, there will always be some pupils that excel and others that don’t. Sport isn’t everyone’s bag but a PE kit makes it easier. For those that don’t necessarily enjoy physical activity, having a PE kit will make them feel sportier.

It increases confidence

Holding inter-school matches is a great way to drum up some healthy competition. Rather than just practicing the sport, it gives pupils something to really aim for. This can also be daunting for some but a PE kit can work wonders for confidence. It provides students with a sense of belonging and a strong common aim.

It can boost performance

The right kit can undoubtedly impact performance, just like the wrong kit can hinder it. Choosing breathable fabrics and practical designs help ensure students feel comfortable. This will keep their mind is on the game rather than an ill fitting shirt!

There’s plenty to consider when choosing a PE kit but the right one can impact motivation for the better. Students will feel a sense of unity and have the kit they need to perform.

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